Mark Griffin Psychic Medium and Energy Healer

All About Mark Griffin

Meet Mark Griffin – a Psychic and a Medium

  • Mark Griffin is a Psychic and a Medium who is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient.  Mark communicates with people in spirit to deliver messages from loved ones in the spirit world.  Mark is compassionate, sensitive and accurate during each session.  By focusing on the traits and characteristics during a reading to identify a loved one, Mark validates the continuity of life and that our loved ones are with us always.
  • Mark has been connecting with Spirit ever since he was a small child growing up in Boston, Massachusetts.  It was only after a life-altering collision with a moose while riding his motorcycle that his gift of communicating with Spirit became undeniable.  Mark has studied with national and internationally known mediums and shamans as well as continuing his development through the Spiritualist Church community and Arthur Findley College.

Customer Comment: “My emotions were all over the board, happy, sad, overwhelmed and most of all grateful.” – Colleen M.