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Psychic Connections: Real Stories

I am grateful to be able to work with Spirit to connect people with their loved ones who have passed on to the other side. I am often thanked after readings but Spririt is due the gratitude. I’m the tuner receiving the transmission. Validation is confirmed by the loved one receiving the message.

Here are some of their stories …

Story 1: “Thank you Mark for sharing your gift of spirit with us all.”
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I experienced Mark’s gift of connecting with Spirit during a group setting. Mark mentioned that he saw a dingy with 2 people in it, one was a youngster, in the back ground he could see a white house on a hill by a river, does this sound familiar? I was thinking of my childhood in Maine on a river, but we didn’t live in a white house or on a hill, so I didn’t think much of it until my daughter reminded me that my father’s house was across from the river & there was a large white house on a hill next to his. From there it flowed, my father came through loud and clear with many specific details such as his love for Portsmouth, boating & the sea, even a specific book he wanted me to read, “The Terrible Hours”, a book about a downed sub in Portsmouth, NH., ( did I mention specific details?) I knew Mark was spot on, but he didn’t know how the details fell into place, The “AHA” moment came when I told Mark that I grew up on the Piscataqua River across from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard & that my father was a Retired USN Submariner & passionate about Naval History. It gets better, I mentioned earlier in the post that Mark saw a dingy with 2 people in it, one younger, well…I have a favorite old photo on my phone of my father & I that I love. Mark had never seen this photo, I shared it as I was leaving, the photo is of my father & me as a youngster in a dingy on the Piscataqua River & there is a white house on a hill in the background. Thank you Mark for sharing your gift of Spirit with us all.

Story 2: “Grateful for the connection.”
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Mark was extremely honest about his gift to possibly connect with a loved one who had passed in my family. He did not guarantee anything, whether who it would be or if he could connect. I was fortunate during my session. Mark’s connection was with two of my loved ones. He asked for validation from them, as to tell him something only I would know. My emotions were all over the board, happy, sad, overwhelmed and most of all grateful. Grateful for the connection. We are fortunate in this “world” to have people such as Mark to help us “earthly” souls connect once again.

Story 3: “… even more wonderful is the way Mark communicates the messages..”
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I had an amazing experience with my neighbor and friend, Mark, a couple of years ago as he was just beginning to explore his gift. What started out as a cup of tea and conversation about the loss of loved ones with Mark, Beth and another friend turned into an amazing connection with the spirit world that literally transformed my life. I was in a stuck place. Mark connected with a little spirit boy that brought through messages that connected lots of dots, clarified some confusion and brought me to a place of understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love. The experience helped me to let go and ultimately led to a sense of peace and freeedom I had never felt. The experience was so profound and the transformation so powerful that I felt compelled to write a book about my story, which became a bestseller in June 2012, and included Mark as one of the characters. I am honored to have been able to witness Mark’s psychic development process and am grateful to have had access to his gift to support my own process over the past couple of years. His gift is amazing, however even more wonderful is the way he communicates the messages and insights he receives … with gentle, compassionate and loving kindness along with pure intention to serve as a conduit for connection, healing and unconditional love. Thank you Mark Griffin for coming out and sharing your gift with us all!

Story 4: “With Mark’s help I got the closure I needed.”
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A few weeks back I was talking on the phone to Mark Griffin,sometime during the conversation I mentioned that a close friend of mine had passed away recently. Unfortunately this friend had pretty much vanished and I hadn’t seen or heard from him for a couple of years,so I was saddened that I hadn’t been able to see him before he passed. So Mark says to me”Let’s see if we can bring him in”,well that turned out to be an easy task for Mark because apparently my friends spirit was still hanging around with me here on the earth plane and needed a little help moving on. So with Mark’s help I got the closure I needed and my friend got to where he needed to go. And did I mention this was all done over the phone!

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Customer Comment: “The experience helped me to let go and ultimately led to a sense of peace and freedom I had never felt.”