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A commonly asked question is “What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?” A psychic perceives and a medium receives. Here is some helpful information to help one understand mediumship:

  • All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.
  • Mediumship is not fortune telling. It is proof of the continuity of life through messages from loved ones in the Spirit world.  Some messages received can help direct one’s life, but they are not absolute predictors.  We co-create our lives with any guidance we receive.
  • Spirit Communication is all about vibration and energy. I ask spirits to lower their vibration and energy and I raise mine.  We blend and link.  Links can be easy or difficult to hold depending on the Spirit’s energy.  Linking is very much like tuning in different radio stations: some are stronger than others, some fade out.  I am the receiver to Spirit’s transmission and I constantly tune the dial.
  • All of your ancestors in Spirit know you, even if you do not know them. If a piece of information doesn’t resonate with you, you may recognize it in time after the reading. Try asking family members here on Earth Plane if they can fill in details you may not know.

How does this work?
My focus is on personality traits, feelings, and essence of a person in spirit. I often receive symbols and images and convey them to you. It’s a bit like playing metaphysical charades! Names, dates, addresses and other details may or may not be available depending on the person in spirit desire to use this information, so often they are so happy to communicate with us that they skip the formalities and present themselves with the essence and emotions of who they are, and the love they have for you. Remember: time is a physical plane construct. Spirit isn’t restricted by time. A person in spirit may present his or herself at any phase of their earthly life. Think about how the person looked or how their personality changed at different phased of their life.

It helps to maintain an open-mind to let Spirit flow and let me know if I am correct and on the right track. The link will strengthen with your validation.

Take a moment to read some personal stories of connections.

Customer Comments:

"Our reading... changed the way we feel about mortality and reduced our anxiety about end of life issues."
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